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VAT Refund for UK companies and citizens: VAT paid for purchases in Spain by British companies can be refunded in a simple way.

VAT Refund for UK companies

Spanish VAT Refund for UK companies and citizens

Spanish and European Countries Tax refund for UK companies can be challenging owned to the bureacratic difficulties that has increased  dramatically after Brexit. Spanish Branch Office can support you and your company throughtout the process and make it easy and simple for you. Contact us and find out how.

Spanish VAT Refund for UK companies and citizens

Minimum VAT Refund Application Amount

The total amount of tax in the refund application may not be less than €400 in the case of quarterly applications or €50 in the case of annual applications.

VAT Refund for UK companies and citizens that purchased in Spain.

VAT Refund Application Period

The refund application may comprise the taxable amounts charged during a calendar quarter or over a calendar year. It may also refer to a period shorter than a quarter in the case of a series of transactions carried out in a calendar year. 

Upon filling a refund application referring to a specific period, any invoices not included therein shall be included in a separate annual application.

Spanish VAT Refund for UK companies deadline

VAT Refund Deadline

The period for filing the refund application starts on the day following the end of a calendar quarter or calendar year, as the case may be, and ends on 30 September of the year following the calendar year in which the referenced tax amounts were charged.

Spanish VAT Refund for UK companies and citizens payment methods

VAT Refund Payment Methods

The refund shall be obtained by means of bank transfer to a financial institution established in any Member State. The following bank account details must be provided: Name of the Bank Account holder, I.B.A.N. or International Bank Account Number, and SWIFT-BIC Code.

It should be taken into account that the bank account holder must be the applicant or a filling party with a power of attorney specifically authorising them for collection of said refund.

EC Directive 2008/9 regarding Spanish VAT Refund vfor UK companies and citizens

EC Directive 2008/9

Beginning on 1st January 2010, all requests for refunds, covered in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sections of the previous question, must be submitted and processed in compliance with the new procedure.

The refund applications filed prior to this date shall be processed in accordance with the procedure established in Council Directive 79/1072/EEC, of 6 December 1.979.

The applications for refunds referred to in section 5 of the aforementioned question, relative to Council Directive 86/560/EC of 17 November, must be submitted online since the coming into force of Royal Decree 192/2010 of 26 February (Real Decreto 192/2010) (3 March 2010).

Spanish VAT Refund Request for UK companies and citizens

Spanish VAT Refund Request

How and where can a refund be requested?

  1. Requests for the refund of Value Added Tax paid in a territory subject to Spanish tax by Employers or Processionals established in another Member State.
  2. Requests for the refund of Value Added Tax paid in a territory of another Member State different from Spain by Employers or Established Professionals in the territory where the tax is applicable.
  3. Requests for the refund of Value Added Tax paid in a territory where Spanish tax applies by Employers or Professionals Established in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
  4. Refund applications for VAT borne in the territory of application of the Spanish tax for Businesspersons or Professionals Established in third countries with which there is or is not a reciprocity agreement for certain goods and services.

The scope and nature of our service may differ depending on each client requirements.

What´s consistent is the high quality of our services to address throughout the entire tax life cycle of planning, provision, compliance and working withouth tax authorities.

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