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This simple six-phase process will lead us to get to know each other, get to work and provide adequate support to your company, all in a very short space of time.

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What we do

Business tax advice and solutions including Spanish corporate taxes, filling tax returns, corporation tax payment, payment by installments and VAT.

Spanish and European Countries Tax refund for UK companies can be challenging owned to the bureacratic difficulties that has increased  dramatically after Brexit. 

Spanish Branch Office can support you and your company throughtout the process and make it easy and simple for you. 

Read about all details and procedures you need to follow.

Tax representative in Spain for British companies.

Fiscal representative in Spain

If you are not a full time resident, or there are no people of your Company in Spain is advisable to appoint a fiscal representative who undertakes on behalf of the tax payer all dealings with the Spanish Tax Authorities. We can be your tax representative.

VAT Registration

Tax registration form for Company activities in relation with VAT. To issue your invoices, you must be registered in the business census and have opted for the VAT tax regime that is applicable to you. We will help you to choose the most appropriate and present all the necessary documents to the Spanish Tax Authorities.

Individual income tax returns residents/ permanent estabilishments

If a person resides more tan 182 days in any calendar year in Spain, then that person will be deemed a resident in Spain for tax purposes. In this case, as a resident you must face the tax obligations as if you were a Spanish national. In this case, we will guide you through the Spanish tax regulations and prepare all your tax returns to which you are obliged.

Persons spending less tan this period will be considered non-resident for tax purposes.

Individual income tax returns non-residents persons/companies

A non resident in Spain for tax purposes must submit an annual declaration for personal income tax. Obviously Spanish tax is only concerned with income derived from activities in Spain, not your worldwide income. We help you to define the income that you must declare, and we will make all the declarations that it is necessary to present in relation to this income obtained in Spain.

Tax investigations

We will represent you in all the procedures of verification and inspection that the company has for the different taxes (Corporate Income, VAT, others) with the Spanish Tax Authorities.

Tax advisory to reduce your tax bill while complying with government rules and legislation

But in spanishbranchoofice, we not only limit ourselves to facilitate the fiscal obligations of your society with the Spanish tax authorities, but we will help you to adequately fulfil your tax obligations, reducing as much as possible, and within the Spanish legal regulations, the payments to be paid to the Spanish tax authorities.

Registration of your business at the Spanish Tax Office

Registration of your business in the business census of the Spanish Tax Authorities. Obtaining the fiscal code, essential element to be able to operate in the Spanish territory. Registration in local administrations and obtaining the necessary administrative licenses for the exercise of your activity.

The scope and nature of our service may differ depending on each client requirements.

What´s consistent is the high quality of our services to address throughout the entire tax life cycle of planning, provision, compliance and working withouth tax authorities.

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