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This simple six-phase process will lead us to get to know each other, get to work and provide adequate support to your company, all in a very short space of time.

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Constitution of commercial companies in Spain

Constitution of companies in Spain

We can support you during the establishment of commercial companies process in Spain

  • Reservation of Company name.
  • Choice of the most suitable social form for the activity that is intended to be installed in Spain.
  • Drafting of company bylaws / Preparation of Company articles.
  • Preparation of the notarial document to form before a Notary.
  • Liquidation of taxes derived from the constitution of the company.
  • Registration in the Public Registries that were necessary for the start of the activity. (Company Registry Fees).
  • Registration in the taxpayer census of the Spanish Tax Authorities (registering your company´s business activities for tax) and obtaining the tax code of the company.
  • Choice of the most appropriate tax regimes for their activity and processing of their registration.
  • Training in tax obligations that your company will face as a Spanish taxpayer.
  • Preparation and sending of all  declarations to which the company is obliged.
  • Processing in the opening of the bank account of the company in Spain.
  • Drafting of all contracts that were necessary for the establishment of the company: real estate leases, commercial agreements, agreements between partners, provisioning, and confidentiality.
  • Start-up of the work center.
  • Help in finding the most suitable location for your activity.
  • Processing of all necessary licenses before the different public organisms  in order to obtain the necessary licenses for the exercise of the activity.
  • Preparation of all labor contracts of workers who join the society. If you do not have them, we can also provide our personnel selection services, either for incorporation into the company or hired through a temporary work company.
  • Legal support and advice in the activity of the company.
  • Analysis of the legal norms that affect the development of the company’s activity.
  • Adaptation of the company to the European Data Protection regulation.
  • Design and start up of Compliance procedures.
  • Administrative support task. Our consultants will work in your administrative management. Once the support areas had been defined by mutual agreement, we will establish the administrative needs of the company and the dedication necessary to satisfy them. If the company has its own personnel, one of our consultants will train these personnel in the most suitable and efficient operation for the administrative management of the company.
  • Search for the most relevant commercial information for your company, both at the aggregate level of the country and specifically the sector of activity of your company. Information dossiers, trade, fairs, most relevant economic figures.

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