Consulting. Subsidiary or permanent estabilishment.

What process we follow

This simple six-phase process will lead us to get to know each other, get to work and provide adequate support to your company, all in a very short space of time.

Contact us

Meeting to know your company and needs

Proposal of services

Proposal of buget



What we do

  • Reservation of company name
  • Preparation of company articles
  • Notary fees (capital amount 3000€)
  • Company registry fees
  • Obtain fiscal code (NIF) of your company
  • Registering your company’s business activities for tax
  • Arranging the opening of your company bank account

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Commercial agreements and terms and conditions

All kinds of technical support in the achievement of commercial agreements. Proposal writing. Presentation and defence of them. Preparation of commercial contracts. Monitoring and control of them.

Selecting the right structure, wether a subsidiary or permanent establishment

One of the first decisions to operate in or from our country is the choice of the appropriate legal figure. We need to know what you want to get your company and in what period, to recommend the most appropriate legal figure.

Reaching and remaining the legalities and regulations

Your business will strictly comply with all legal regulations that affect you in our country. Our professional performance is guided by ethics and legality.

Legal entities, joint ventures, shareholders agreements and disputes

We will resolve all contingencies that may arise in your activity, we will look for partners if you need them, we will defend your interests in the jurisdictional organs of our country.

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