Accountancy. Subsidiary or permanent establishment.

What process we follow

This simple six-phase process will lead us to get to know each other, get to work and provide adequate support to your company, all in a very short space of time.

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What we do

Assume your entire accounting externally

One of the problems that may arise to the company once installed in Spain, either with a permanent establishment or through a representative, whether commercial or fiscal, is to have an administrative structure that is as inexpensive as possible, but that allows performing the tasks of this nature that the activity of society entails.

For this reason, from spanishbranchoffice we offer you a whole range of solutions wich can be sized and choosen by the society.

What can we offer you?

You will not need an accounting department in your company and you will also have the most appropiate professionals

Monthly reports about key figures and results

Each month our consultants will send you the financial statements of your company with a brief analysis of them and a document of recommendations that in our opinión could favor the improvement of the company’s results. Likewise and if you prefer one of our consultants will arrange an appointment to personally address these analysis by videoconference.

Advise on accounting systems an adaptation your own accounting system to Spanish rules

Accounting practices differ among some aspects in different countries. We will integrate your accounting information systems with the necessary requirements in Spain, without having to work with two different accounting systems, which will facilitate the aggregation and consolidation of your results in your parent company.

Creation of internal reports and statements

We can prepare documents and procedures and internal management protocols that improve the efficiency of your administration department and optimize the productivity.

Accounting and reporting, preparation annual accounts of the Company or permanent establishment , filling accounts

We will prepare the company’s financial statements appropriate to Spanish regulations.

The scope and nature of our service may differ depending on each client requirements.

What´s consistent is the high quality of our services to address throughout the entire tax life cycle of planning, provision, compliance and working withouth tax authorities.

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