All services for your company in Spain after Brexit

The new reality that arises after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union requires reliable consultants in Spain. 

We are the consultants you need.

Doing business in Spain

Put your trust in a team that has been helping small and medium businesses for over 25 years

How we can help you?

  • Selecting the right structure wether a subsidiary or a permanent estabilishment. Getting the legalities , regulations and insurance right.
  • Accounting and reporting, including preparation and filing of accounts and audit.
  • Business tax advice and solutions including : coporate tax, filing tax returns, filing and presenting tax forms , corporation tax payment, payment by instalment and VAT.
  • Intelectual property
  • Any other needs that may arise concerning your business.


  • We are a trusted firm headquartered at the financial hearth of Spain, just halfway between Madrid and Barcelona.
  • We have a team of experenced and qualified professionals providing and outstanding customer service experience.
  • We have been working for more than 25 years with small and medium size companies.
  • We always deliver what we promise, at a high quality services, on time and at the agreed price. We guarantee integrity and profesionality at all times.
  • We´ll be happy to work for and with you.

Our specialities


Creating companies and branches in Spain. Subisdiary or permanent establishment

TAX Consulting

Business tax advice and solutions including Spanish corporate taxes, filling tax returns, corporation tax payment, payment by instalments and VAT.


You will not need an accounting department in your Company, you will have accredited professionals in the most important profesional institutions in Spain.

Admin support

We will carry out the daily administrative work involved in your activity. Receipt and sending of documents. Preparation of letters. Receipt and shipment of invoices. Collection and payment tracking.

Our customers

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